Team Chocolate is crowned Best European TV Fiction Series in Berlin.

TV-seriesTeam Chocolate received the Prix Europa in Berlin for Best TV Fiction Series. Earlier this week the production also won the Diversity TV Excellence Award in the category Fiction Series at Mipcom in Cannes. Several weeks ago there was the Special Mention at the Prix Italia for the series made by De Mensen.

The series follows Jasper Vloemans (Jelle Palmaerts), a young man with Down syndrome who starts his first job in a family-run chocolate factory. He soon falls in love with one of his colleagues, Tina, a girl from Kosovo. When Tina is suddenly deported to her home country, Jasper and his friends set out on a road trip across Europe to find her.

The final episode of Team Chocolate is broadcasted tonight at 21h35 at Eén, followed by the making-off on Thursday.