In the second season of Like an animal, Dieter Coppens sets of on 7 new and inspiring adventures, together with 7 inspiring animals.

This season’s heroes are none other than the owl, the snake, the alpaca, the electric eel, the goose, the pigg and the mosquito. Human and animal combine forces in order to complete exciting challenges. The loveable king of the Andes, the alpaca, helps Dieter conquer his altitude sickness. With help from the electric eel Dieter will try to power Antwerp’s chritsmas lighting and togheter with his pigs he tries to locate some delicious truffles.

Will Dieter succeed at all his challenges? The bond between Dieter and his animals is stronger than ever, which results in awesome, emotional and inspiring stories about animals and humans.

LIke an animal, from Saturday April 1st on Eén.