Anyone for a Turkey Sandwich? Yes, indeed, and even more deep-fried than last year. VTM presents you the best and funniest of last year in a very crunchy review.

Two New Captains

We serve the best and funniest of last year with a new and surprising stuffing. Because two new captains will compete for victory: a lovely smokey Mathias Coppens and by far the most crusty lady of Flanders, Ruth Beeckmans

Jonas Van  Geel

Free sandwiches for one year, that’s what it’s all about. They’ll battle for it in witty rounds under the strict supervision of host of service Jonas Van Geel. He invites two guests together with our fresh captains to say goodbye to 2016 or welcome the New Year.

And yes, we still have some turkey sandwiches left. Even tastier than last year.

The fourth season of Anyone for a Turkey Sandwich? Is broadcasted starting December 12 for 4 weeks on 20h35 at VTM.