Generation B, the absurd comedy show for Canvas, has been nominated for a Rockie Award at the Banff World Media Festival, an international television festival held annually at Banff in Canada. The show will compete against four other series in the category Comedy Series: Foreign Language.

The BANFF World Media Festival

Every year the BANFF World Media Festival crowns the best television products from the whole world during the Rockie Awards. The festival is up for its 38thedition. Previous years both internationally esteemed series (Grey’s Anatomy, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones) and Belgian series such as Wat als? and Quiz me Quick were among the winners. De Mensen was nominated before with The (at) Home TeamIn laughing MemoryHow To and The Perfect Couple.

This isn’t the first time Generation B is recognised internationally. Earlier this year the absurd comedy premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Creators Pieter Van Hees and Joost Vandecasteele: “Generation B was described by viewers and critics as ‘refreshing, bold and unique’. That had been our intention, to create comedy that disturbs and confuses. It doesn’t immediately attract a super wide audience, but that’s not illogical. A series that crosses borders, with contemporary themes and a surprising visual style. It pleases us that thanks to this nomination foreign viewers can also get to know Generation B.

 Belgian fiction has impressed the jury this year once again, because Callboys is also nominated.

Generation B

Generation B is an absurd comedy series that starts from a premise that feels both realistic and futuristic. ‘On a Wednesday or Thursday Belgium’s rating dropped from AA+ to B. Everything that follows is true. Slightly exaggerated maybe, but not that much.’ 

That is where Generation B takes off.  Joost Vandecasteele and Pieter Van Hees resolutely and shamelessly chose for absurd comedy with the focus on the generation conflict between the youth that carries the weight of the new economic crisis and the powerful baby boomers who have no intention of giving up their luxury lifestyle. Generation B follows six youngsters trying to survive in the metropole that is Brussels, while the revolution is at hand. The by youngsters established Generation Liberation Army is preparing harsh measurements. The main character is Jonas, who lost his job, his house and his girlfriend. He has no other choice but to take an underpaid job in an underground call enter and rent a couch to sleep in.

Main cast: Jeroen Van der Ven, Jeroen Perceval (D’Ardenne), Ella-June Henrard (Bo), Efrat Galai, Eva Binon (Patrouille Linkeroever and Loslopend Wild), Zouzou Ben Chikha (Bevergem) and Mungu Cornelis (The Team). The script was written by literary author Joost Vandecasteele and Pieter Van Hees, known from Waste LandLinkeroever and Highway of Love. Van Hees was also the director.

Generation B is a product from De Mensen with the support of Brussels and VAF/Mediafonds.