From Sunday 29th of January on, Tom Waes does what he likes to do best: travelling to special destinations and discovering unknown places.

Tom Waes has gone on some many adventures already he nearly lost count. Still his hunger for the unknown is bigger than ever. The journeys Tom made this season left a deep impression. He visits adventurous places that have been on his wish list for a very long time and travels to countries with a unique and fascinating story.

Tom’s first journey to Sierra Leone is a special one already. Sierra Leone had been on his wish list two years ago as well, until the outbreak of the Ebola-virus closed the borders of the country. Now Tom can finally make the journey. And his local guide Abdulai is up for it, too, because Tom is his first tourist in two years…

In Tuvalu, Tom seeks out the impact of the global warming. Tuvalu is a small archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. According to its prime minister, Tuvalu will be the first to disappear because of the global warming. Tom wants to visit it before it’s too late. He’s curious about the country and how the population deals with the threat.

One of Tom’s most surprising journeys brings him to Venezuela. Upon arriving he is met with a land in complete chaos. Especially his stay in the capital Caracas, officially “the most dangerous city on earth”, will stick to Tom for a long time. He never got this close to danger.

Tom also travelled ten thousands of kilometres by car this season. He makes a road trip through Georgia, explores the unknown inland of Haiti and drives along the deserted highways in the north of the US. But his longest road trip is in China. In merely three weeks, he travels 6.000 kilometres, from the east coast of Shanghai to the border with Tibet. Which is also the longest journey Tom every made for Difficult Destinations.

 Nine unique and exciting travel documentaries through the eyes of Tom, starting January the 29th.