Cath Luyten returns in the second season to the Netherlands and visits seven intriguing Dutchmen.

After an enjoyable reunion with her second homeland and warm welcomes at the homes of Dutch stars like Josje Huisman, René van der Gijp and Frans Bauer in the first season of Dear Neighbour, Cath developed a taste for toast and gingerbread. Starting Monday 6thof February, she’ll return to the Netherlands in the new season of Dear Neighbour.

On a fascinating trip through polders and wadden, Cath Luyen visits 7 famous and intriguing Dutchmen and shares two days and one night with them. In the expensive villa of Gordon, but also in the caravan next to Jan Jaap Van der Wal.

In the second season of Dear Neighbour 7 famous Dutchmen and women once again open their door for the Belgian visitor: showbiz prince Gordon, host show Wendy van Dijk, actor Jeroen Krabbé, media phenomenon Patty Brard, comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal, top model Kim Feenstraand cabaret Freek de Jonge.

 Cath Luyten: “Dutchmen are inherently more open and more direct than most Flemings. If you live with a Dutchmen for two days, you sometimes won’t believe your ears and eyes.”

Dear Neighbour, starting 6thof February every Monday at 21h25 on Eén.