After five years and exactly 1.058 episodes the time has come: Blockx has a new record-holder. This evening (Friday 8th of June) Ewout Leys is the first participant since Saar Bossuyt to play the final round for the eleventh time. In a bloodcurdling finale Ewout has only has a couple more seconds left when he guesses with the tip ‘hulp’ the correct eight-letter word ‘bijstand’.

In September 2013 Saar Bussuyt from Kortrijk participated as the first candidate in Blockx-history ever for the eleventh time. Back then an absolute record. But in her eleventh finale she stumbled over eight-letter word ‘buikdans’.

Over a thousand episodes later Ben Crabbé invites for the second time a candidate into its eleventh finale. On the last moment, the 25-year-old Ewout figures out the word ‘bijstand’. With this he becomes the absolute record holder. As the first candidate ever Ewout has a ticket for his twelfth finale.

Bloodcurdling finale

During the past ten episodes Ewout proved himself to be an expert in the finale round. Usually he only needed one or two letters and a tip to find the word.

 Today was different. He starts with a lot of good answers and with still half a minute left he finds all of the letters. But then panic hits Ewout and he doesn’t hear the questions anymore. It’s only in the final second he figures out the word ‘bijstand’. The studio explodes.

 New top 3 of strongest Blockx-candidates

As it is after the episode of Friday 8thof July 2018

1. Ewout Leys, 11 episodes, 11 victorious finales (June, 18th 2018)

2. Saar Bossuyt: 11 episodes, made it to 11thfinale, but didn’t find the word (Sept, 2013)

3. Drees Herfs: 11 episodes, didn’t make it to the 11thfinale (Sept, 2016)

Sara Bossuyt: “Happy the record stays in West-Flanders”

Sara Bossuyt shows good sportsmanship towards Ewout’s performance:

 ‘It’s beautiful my record held on for this long. But I’m also very glad for Ewout. I’m happy the record stays in West-Flanders.”

 For years, Saar’s record was the talk on every family reunion. She says the news will cause a lot of commotion in her family. Jokingly she adds: “I really don’t mind that we’ll talk about something else than my Blockx-record from now on.”