SVEN - The final year: the documentary about cyclocross legend Sven Nys' final year as a rider will soon premiere in cinemas. Wednesday February 24 Sven Nys will ride his final cyclocross competition at the Soudal Cyclocross Masters in Waregem. This after an 18-year career with 291 victories and several Belgian and world titles, an absolute record.

For 18 years Sven Nys has lived like a professional, a control freak who leaves nothing to chance, an ascetic who survives solely on food, rest and cycling. In this documentary we catch a glimpse of Nys’ discipline and lifestyle for the very first time. Director Jan Vandermotte followed Nys’ every move for an entire year. The result is a unique look into the head and life of a sports phenomenon.

SVEN – The final year will premiere at Kinepolis, February 29 in Antwerp, March 1 in Ghent, March 2 in Courtray, March 3 in Hasselt and March 4 in Louvain. On March 7 and March 14 the documentary will also be broadcast on Canvas. 

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