De Mensen is producing a new reality series for the commercial TV network VTM about the people and the stories behind personalized license plates. De Mensen developed the format. When the show is going on air will be announced at a later date.

In Belgium, at least 45.000 people drive around with a personalized license plate. On the highway, in parking lots, on country roads and at intersections: they show up everywhere and immediately catch the eye. HAHAHA, GOD and SMURF. GRAPEFRUIT, KEBAB and MR CLEAN. CATCH ME and TIGER… And just this week a COVID-19 plate was spotted in Belgium as well.

Everyone who comes across such a license plate immediately starts wondering: why that plate? What is the story behind it? And who is the person who chose it?

This new series portrays the owners of such plates and tells the story of the most bizarre, funny and intriguing license plates.