How many cubes does the logo in the Blockx opening credits contain? We never wondered about that. Blockx-viewer Paul Heyninck from Hoboken was up for the challenge and presented his calculation. Think along if you will…

The logo, the white letter ‘b’ is composed of 9 cubes. Six of them are constructed with complete small cubes; three of them contain a number of ‘incomplete’ rounded cubes. 

The 6 cubes consist of 9 horizontal layers of cubes, each layer containing 9 x 9 cubes. Conclusion: those 6 cubes each count 9 x 9 x 9 = 729 cubes. That gives a total of 729 x 6 = 4374 cubes.

The three other cubes have each one rounded down edge. That edge consists of 3 x 9 = 27 incomplete cubes. So, three edges have 81 incomplete cubes. Since no cube falls away because of the rounding, we can conclude that these three cubes together consist of 2187 cubes.

If we count the incomplete cubes, the logo contains 9 x 729 = 6561 cubes.

If we don’t count the incomplete cubes, the logo contains 6 x 729 + 3 x 702 = 6480 cubes.

Blockx – with at least 6480 cubes in the credits – every weekday on 18h30 at Eén.