On Saturday the 29th of April Tom Waes leaves for North-Uganda for the special episode Difficult Destinations 12-12 at Eén. He stays for a week at the refugee camp on the border of South-Sudan, a land currently struck by a grave famine. Every day 3.000 people cross the border to escape hunger, drought, and violence, in short: to survive. Tom will live for seven days amongst the refugees and aid workers. The report will be broadcasted at Eén by the end of May.

From March 2017 on, Consortium 12-12 has been campaigning intensively to offer help for the “biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII”. At the start of March, the UN officially declared famine in the country of South-Sudan, and warned for the emerging famine in Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia. As much as 20 million people, of which 1,4 million children are suffering severe malnutrition caused by draught and violence.

To support the action “Famine 12-12”, Tom Waes will visit one of the affected areas at the end of April. Tom came up with the idea himself to observe the situation there with his own eyes: curious about the stories of the refugees and the aid workers on site. That’s why he’ll pack his stuff soon to undertake action and make this report.

Tom Waes:

As TV-creator I find it very important to give the 12-12 action a boost. Ever since the Haiti-episode of Difficult Destinations earlier this year, there had been some commotion about the operation of ngo’s in Haiti. That’s why I also believe it’s important to travel along with 12-12 to show how 12-12 is using its resources in this humanitarian crisis.

Eén wants to show what the situation is like on the scene with Difficult Destinations 12-12 and provide support as well.

In the refugee camp of North-Uganda, the partners of consortium 12-12 are doing all they can to save as many lives as possible. Tom will live for a week amongst the refugees and aid workers in the camps.

 Erik Todts, director Consortium 12-12:

Tom will travel through the border area of South-Sudan together with the local staff of 12-12. Travelling in areas like that is always improvising, but we’ll do everything we can to show Tom as many projects as possible. The border area with South-Sudan is one of the places where the money from the fundraiser 12-12 will be spent usefully. Tom will witness that with his own eyes.

AfterDifficult Destinations Tom is awaiting a whole other journey. As a goodwill-ambassador he has worked for UNICEF and its partners before, but now marks the first time he travels along with the Consortium of 6 ngo’s. In his own style, Tom will give an account about the much-needed work done by the Consortium 12-12 in the affected areas.

Difficult Travels 12-12 will be broadcasted before the end of May 2017 at Eén.